Food is a reflection of our values, dreams, insecurities, egos and subliminal desires. It can be a social act, a private act, a selfish act, a spiritual act, a desperate act. A vehicle for entertainment, a means to assert or subvert power. An act of coming together or breaking away. A meditation or a means to an end. An exercise in self-control and moderation, or reckless abandonment and celebration of abundance. A process of humiliation and suffrage.  

Food (R)evolutions pays tribute to the period of hyper-evolution in which the African continent and its food system currently finds itself as well as the positive, revolutionary, potential of this position. 

This visual journey across the continent’s food system uses the diets of day to day citizens from all walks of life as a broad research text to which viewers are invited to apply a number of more specific systemic lenses. The lens the child, the city, politics, power, climate change, all act as themes to which the viewer is invited to contribute . 

The exhibition is driven by an interest in: 

  • Stimulating interest and debate around the state of our African food system 
  • Raising the academic profile of innovative research and research methodologies in African universities. 
  • Mainstreaming the use of alternative forms of ‘texts’ (in this case film and imagery) as important and legitimate research vehicles, well suited to the co-generation of research with non-academic communities 
  • Publicising avenues for engagement, funding and further training in transdisciplinary research methodologies

Upcoming Exhibitions

2016: 16 March - 2 May

Government Avenue, the Company's Garden, Cape Town, South Africa

2016: 5 - 18 May

Rooiplein, central Campus, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa 

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